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Tony Pasko

Meridian Star

Behind the music of 'Duck Dynasty' By Steve Gillespie / Managing Editor The Meridian StarThe Meridian StarWed Dec 12, 2012, 06:00 AM CST MERIDIAN — Each week millions of television viewers track the lives of the Robertson family 
(Si, Jase, Phil and Kay, Willie and Korie)
They are the focus of "Duck Dynasty" the wildly popular reality series on the A&E Network, filmed near West Monroe, La., where Phil began making duck calls nearly 40 years ago, which has turned into the Duck Commander business empire.
Local fans will be proud to know that the music that flows through each episode of "Duck Dynasty" is produced here in Meridian by Tony Pasko. "It's exciting," Pasko said Tuesday. "I do all the music in Meridian in my studio."
The show's production company, Gurney Productions, gives Pasko some rough ideas on what sort of music they are looking for with various situations — whether it will be tied to a scene that provides comic relief, or while the guys are hunting, or working.
The opening theme for the show is "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top. "They ask for music that meets the brand," Pasko said, meaning that a lot of it has a southern rock or country flavor.
"I do a lot of banjo and country guitar picking for the show," said Pasko, who has been in the music business for more than 15 years.
In May Pasko released his first CD through Down Boy Records, an eight song instrumental titled "Noise."
In October he released an instrumental holiday CD with 12 tracks of Christmas music in various styles called "Band of Elves." Both CDs are available through his website Pasko also writes for the guitar lesson DVD series RockHouse Method, and he can be heard 3-5 p.m. weekdays with Al Brown on radio station WMOX 1010 AM.
Brown and Pasko also play music together. Pasko said they call their acoustic duo D String. They are scheduled to play in the Balcony Bar at Weidmann's Restaurant, 210 22nd Ave., on Thursday at 8 p.m.
Pasko's music will be heard on more television shows in the future. One series in pre-production for A&E will give him a chance to rock a little more. "They told me they wanted something that sounds like a cross between Muddy Waters, Kurt Cobain and Jack White," Pasko said. "That should be interesting."
Pasko hasn't met the "Duck Dynasty" stars yet, but he hopes he'll get a chance to soon since they aren't that far away. "I like being associated with it," he said. "It's a show with family values. They're not bleeping every five seconds and they pray at the end of every episode.
They promote Christianity. They're good ol' boys who happen to make a ton of money, and are a little nuts."
To find out more about "Duck Dynasty" visit the website

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Press Release

Meridian MS, March 31, 2015/ “From Out of Nowhere” is Tony Pasko’s third instrumental release following the success of his debut release “Noise” (Downboys Records 2012) and his second Christmas release “Band of Elves” (Downboys Records 2013).

Tony’s music was first heard by millions on A&E’s #1 Reality T.V. Show “Duck Dynasty” which led to the “Noise” record being licensed out to many current T.V. shows; the “Band of Elves” CD was released a second time in 2014 in partnership with the “Advocates for Freedom”.

 “From Out of Nowhere” is more streamlined and to the point. I’ve learned so much since the “Noise” record, the biggest lesson being less is more sometimes. I LOVE the sonic structure of “Noise” and the tones I achieved on it but after almost three years, fourteen T.V. shows and hundreds of live performances, I’m in a different sonic space as an artist.


“From Out of Nowhere” opens with a haunting solo acoustic rendition of the Godfather Theme, establishing the “Less is more” idea. I also added a classical inspired solo acoustic version of George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”.

When you make a record by yourself you tend to wear your producer’s hat most of the time, but with this record I just wanted to play guitar so that’s what I did; I just pushed REC and gave a solo performance. The acoustic songs are me live, one take, no overdubs, and no click track, just me in a room playing guitar.

“From Out of Nowhere” will be distributed worldwide through Tunecore, iTunes, Amazon and 36 other on-line streaming, digital radio, and digital jukebox sources. CD’s will be available for sale through

For interview or press info please email Tony @: or visit: