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Band of Elves

Released October 12th. 2012



Credits & Awards


Tony was recently awarded a proclamation from the state of Mississippi for his contributions to the arts. Tony has a song "In this Moment" featured in the independent short film "Dear Dad" being released in select theaters and the Sundance Film Festival. 


2012 Tony signed to Downboys Records owned by legendary rock band Warrant and released his debut EP “Noise” worldwide in May and a Christmas CD “Band of Elves” in October with sales and distribution in over 23 countries, currently available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & anywhere you download music. 


Tony performs many solo acoustic shows and works closely with the Epilepsy Foundation, as he had Epilepsy as a child. 


Released May 12th. 2012

Joe Satriani: "Cool vibe and crazy guitar tones" 

Gary Hoey: "Noise" is a collection of guitar tunes with shred, style, melody and taste, but most importantly the compositions take you somewhere, "Circadia Collective", "Kingdom By The Sea" and "Thunder" are worth the admission, can't wait to hear what's next!




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Tony Pasko

From Out of Nowhere

Release March 31st. 2015

Tony Pasko: “From Out of Nowhere” is more streamlined and to the point.