SwampHouse is the partnership of two veteran musicians with a passion for the blues, they decided to create a band that honors the Raw/ LoFi sound of the Mississippi blues based on showmanship and improve. Mississippi is the backdrop of this band and the city of Meridian MS is where it all started.

"Our songs are about love, loss, frustration, longing & hope. The music reflects where we live here in the south and where we've been in our lives." Tony Pasko

The live shows are based on improvisation and audience participation: "Every one of our performances are different cuz every audience is different" SwampHouse

Fred LeBlanc who was born and raised in New Orleans is the lead singer/ drummer for the iconic rock band CowBoy Mouth. Fred gets back to his NOLA roots with SwampHouse: "The blues is a free form style of music which provides us with a platform to give the audience an experience they just can't get from other bands."

Tony Pasko was born and raised in the Chicago Blues scene, and is best known for his music on A&E's no.1 TV show Duck Dynasty: "When DD first hit you didn't hear a lot of blues on TV but when it became the no.1 show on TV you started hearing commercials with slide guitar etc... if I played a small part in exposing the next generation to the blues? Then I'm a happy man."

SwampHouse was born out of the mud in Mississippi and its mission is to bring back the raw attitude and showmanship of the blues, in an industry where every live performance is lip-synced and prerecorded, SwampHouse are two guys that gives every audience a uniquely raw and human experience.

"You'll never see the same SwampHouse show twice, one show might have a bunch of musicians sitting in, the next might only be the two of us, this band will always evolve." Fred LeBlanc


The first single: LWOM (Lord watch over Me) is an up-tempo song with a driving beat and slide guitar riffs that would make Robert Johnson smile. Fred delivers a vocal that only a southern preacher can match on Sunday. The song opens with a very simple but catchy guitar riff and the “na,na,na,nas” sick in your head like glue. The lyrics are human and relatable; the chorus is catchy and will have you singing along in no time.

"The song is very catchy and will sick in your head for days, but what a great message to have with you." Fred LeBlanc

LWOM is the theme song for a new reality TV show called: The Martelli's which is a family friendly TV show that chronicles an Italian family trying to grow their family business. In the first season of the Martelli's you get to see the making of LWOM music video and video debut in an episode.

The self-titled debut EP is a mix of traditional Mississippi Hill Country blues, Texas rock, New Orleans ragtime, Chicago shuffle, Nashville twang, with a bit of influence from the Gulf of Mexico thrown in.

SwampHouse is a combination of everything that's good about the south and the blues it's a complex mixture of flavors that will make you wanting more just like any good southern gumbo.Type your paragraph here.

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Tony has shared the stage with the P-Funk All-Stars, Vince Neil, Jack Bruce, Gary
Hoey, David Ellefson (Megadeth), Black Stone Cherry, Johnny Hiland, and
recently played with Legendary Grammy Nominated blues musician Bobby Rush. 

Tony performs many solo acoustic shows and works closely with the Epilepsy Foundation, he performs regularly on the Sucarnochee Review that is hosted monthly at the Legendary Temple Theater in Meridian Mississippi.



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For more that 25 years Tony has been a music industry professional and session guitarist. His vast playing background and knowledge of musical products has given him the opportunity to work and perform with some of the greatest musicians in the world. 

He has designed marketed and sold products for the music industry’s top leading companies. His insight and perspective comes from working with manufacturers, artists, road crews, studios and music instrument dealers.

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At Peavey Electronics he was involved in nearly every aspect of the business including product design, in store-clinics, product training, market research, manufacturing and artist relations. He worked directly with the gear needs of Lynard Skynard, NickelBack, Duran Duran, Black Stone Cherry, Joe Satriani, Warrant and Poison to name a few. 
2012 Tony signed to Downboys Records owned by legendary rock band Warrant and released his debut EP “Noise” worldwide in May and a Christmas CD “Band of Elves” in October with sales and distribution in over 23 countries, currently available on: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify & anywhere you download music.

​​He was recently awarded a proclamation from the state of Mississippi for his contributions to the arts. Tony has a song "In this Moment" featured in the independent short film "Dear Dad" being released in select theaters and the Sundance Film Festival.

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Thank You to all who came out to the Temple Theater and made my show with Bobby Rush such a success...


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