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Tony Pasko

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​6/17/17 @ ​Imogene Theater 



Cowboy Mouth @ Vinyl Music Hall, Pensacola FL 



Cowboy Mouth @ Capt. Funs. Pensacola FL 

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Tony is signed to Downboy Records and is one of the music writers for A&E’s No.1 rated TV show Duck Dynasty.

The season 4 premier broke an A&E record with 11.8 million viewers, also breaking a cable television record for the most viewed non-scripted T.V. show EVER in cable T.V. history…

His music is also featured on these networks and T.V. shows:

Duck Dynasty/ A&E

Wahlburgers/ A&E

Jenny Loves Donny/ A&E

Wicked Tuna/ National Geographic

Pitbulls & Paroles/ Animal Planet

Lock Up/ MSNBC

Fat & Furious/ Dicovery Channel

Hollywood Hillbillies/ Reelz

Shark Week/ Discovery Channel

Porter Ridge/ A&E

Auction Hunters/ Spike TV

Savage Family Diggers/ Spike TV

Reef Wranglers/ Weather Channel

Boss Hog/ Discovery Channel

Night Watch/ A&E

The Road In Between/ WBGC NBC 30

The Eagle/ 106.9 FM

Nightique/ Comcast

​10 Things you don't know about/ ​H2

Hollywood Medium w/ Tyler Henry/ E

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"Lord Watch Over Me" Music Video:



The making of the "Lord Watch Over Me" Music Video:

"Lord Watch Over Me"  is available for download on: iTunes, Amazon & Google Play